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In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and the publisher assume no responsibility for your actions. This book would not have been possible without the encouragement and support of my family. To my sons John and Nathan, thank you for your love, understanding and the laughter that you bring into my life every day. To my daughter-in-law Sheila, thank you for all your love, support and the light you bring to this family.

To my little munchkin Kalvin, who helps me see the world with fresh new loving eyes.

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Who has also, taught me to always keep asking Why. I give thanks to the Great Creator, Goddess Divine, divine intervention, my Ancestors and my loving Guides for helping me to keep true to who I am and gently guiding me down the path to enlightenment. Thanks goes to my sisters for the late night memories and the laughter they bring to my life.

Thanks goes to Haley, Charlie and Josh for their loving support. To all my nieces and nephews thank you. Thanks also goes to Mike for all your support. To Bob and his support. To my parents and grandparents I give special gratitude for being a special part of my life. We will meet again. To Samantha Bichon, I thank you for being my teacher, confidant and loving friend. Bless you for your endless support and encouragement. Thank you Wally for your friendship and support also. I give thanks to Krista for introducing me to my first past life regression and for your loving friendship.

Many thanks goes to the wonder twins Ericka Estella and Sheldon Chick. Their artistic eye and creative minds created a beautiful work of art-the cover of this book. Ericka is also the model on the cover of the book. Thank you both with all my heart for the work you have done and taking my breath away whenever, I see the cover that so moves me.

I would like to thank my students for their support, hard work and encouraging words when I need it the most. To everyone else that has walked into my life even though it was a short time or even a long period of time. I thank you for the experience and friendship. I have not forgotten you.

Thank you all for stepping on to my path and walking along for awhile with me. The making of this book has been a long and spiritual journey. Throughout my travels, I saw time and time again the buildings, mountains and villages of my dreams.

Nan Akasha, CHT, The Secret Weapon for Quantum Leaps in Power, Performance, Profits

This book is based on historical fact, my own personal experiences, and my research and travel. Puivert and Carcassonne, France were also known to the Cathars, as the rulers of those two cities were tolerant of the Cathar religion and both were safe havens for them.

Historical facts show that the Albigensian Crusade, a 45 year military campaign initiated by the Catholic Church to eliminate Catharism, started in and lasted through in Languedoc. Trier, Germany was also the site of a great war against witchcraft from through This persecution extended to the Jewish and Protestant people of that region. Trier has the distinction of being the location of one of the biggest mass execution sites in Europe; men, women, children and even black cats were killed there.

I am not advocating nor do I condone hatred or intolerance of any religion, Cathar, Catholic, Protestant and the list could go on. One of my reasons for writing this book is to bring into focus the fact that we are all immortal, spiritual beings. Basically, we are all spirit living in a material world. We co-exist in this ever changing world. The path we choose, whether good or bad, is our life lesson to learn.

Our life is our chance to make a change for the better. To learn and to realize once and for all that we are all connected to each other and to the Creator. Everything that happens comes from divine purpose. As we live side by side in this theater of life, we have the opportunity to grow as spiritual beings toward enlightenment. This has been my journey and path. All of the characters mentioned in the book are people and friends that have walked this journey with me. I have taken some creative license and changed certain identifying information to protect the personal privacy of others.

My dress is rustling against the cobblestone road. The cool breeze touches my skin like a kiss in spring. I wear a heavy satin dress. Diamonds and other jewels have been sewn on with golden thread. Sea blue is the color of the dress. Jennifer is a master and I am so glad I received these teaching from her. What makes my work extra joyful is that right now the Akashic Record Keepers are my biggest helpers.

5 Tips for Connecting to Your Akashic Records

Their wisdom initiates miracles. Thank you Jennifer for your incredible powerful and loving mentoring. Although attempting to create a healing respite on her small farm, Barbara felt blocked physically, financially and emotionally. Serendipitously, she enrolled in the Akashic Record certification course. Barbara Schultz has been doing healing work as a nurse and midwife for over 35 years. Her soul purpose is to empower others to step into full realization and embodiment of their divine truth.

With the Soul Journeys Method I feel I can now end my search, as this method of consulting the Sacred Akashic Records, has given me the freedom, information and control that I was lacking. Over the past 25 years, I had qualified in many Healing Techniques, both here in Ireland and abroad, from Hawaiian Reiki Earth energy to Tibetan Dae Jeng Kong Sound energy, desperately hoping to find a cure for my Depression and various physical ailments that Western Doctors could not treat. Things began to slowly turn around, and I became so fascinated and curious about the contents of my Akashic Records, that I finally decided to become a Certified Consultant myself, and plunged right in to the Training Courses.

I have experienced a Spiritual connection to the Universe, far more expansive and accelerated, than I could ever had imagined, which gave meaning to my very existence, and illuminated my purpose here on many levels. My explorations with my own Akashic Record Keepers, have sharpened my intuitive awareness and insight, giving me a higher level of clarity and vision in my Readings with Clients.

The Soul Journeys Method has tied in so well with my previous qualifications as an Astrologer and Counsellor, and enabled me to assist others in finding and removing the origin of their pain and confusion, and empowering them to take control of their Health, Finances and Relationships, and turn things around for themselves, as I did.

I wanted answers that no one could provide. My intuition has always been very strong although learning to listen to it was an entirely different story!

Best Akashic Records Podcasts ()

It felt like coming home. Being raised in a Christian house I was told what to believe and how to do it, right from day one.

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I refused. I used to run away and hide before church, even as a small girl; so my family would be forced to leave without me. Of course the other children were none too impressed and I grew up very alone. I became someone else entirely, bending to every whim and opinion of whoever crossed my path that day.

The longer I persisted, the quieter my intuition became.

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After leaving high-school I engaged in a number of less-than-ideal relationships, ending up homeless, jobless and broke. I became more miserable and cynical and blamed the world and everyone in it, everyone but myself. Surprisingly to me, I still felt unfulfilled. So I set off in search of more!

I travelled the US for a year, China, worked in many different jobs, lived in a horse stall for 2 years, dated more less-than-ideal men and continued to feel like I needed more challenge. So, I joined the army.

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By 24 I was a fully trained Armoured Soldier with multiple awards for marksmanship, weapons handling and communications. I was one of only 5 females in my squadron. As you can imagine, military life takes its toll and I retired in more bitter, angry, drunk and violent than I had ever known possible. I would have anxiety attacks just standing alone in my kitchen. I knew I needed to do something, and fast. I remembered a long lost passion for Massage Therapy and enrolled in school that fall. By the end of the year I had achieved the highest marks ever recorded in the history of the college and I stepped into the world as a healer, instead of a soldier.

Still I wanted more. Since then my entire existence has done a complete turn.

Powerful AKASHIC RECORD MEDITATION (Akashic Dreams) Access ALL Knowledge Past Present & Future

And now I get to share with you my WHY, for all my experiences have brought me here to allow me to extend that hand for others looking for a way out of their trenches, and into their own true self. Living the busy life of a school teacher for a decade left me with many professional skills and accomplishments. And yet, during this time, once the bustle would quiet at the end of the day, my personal and intimate life felt devastatingly empty.

Why did I constantly feel fatigued? Why was I so lonely?