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Budgeting Your Vietnam Trip Costs Step-by-Step
  1. A Guide to Vietnam Prices: How much does a Holiday Cost?
  2. Backpacking Vietnam Travel Guide for 12222
  3. Vietnam Hotels and Places to Stay

How much does it cost to go to Vietnam? Naturally, it depends on the dates. We recommend SkyScanner because they can find the best deals across all of the airlines. Typical travel prices in Vietnam are listed below. These actual costs can give you an idea of the price of travel in Vietnam.

Please keep in mind that the cost of travel in Vietnam can vary depending on your specific style of travel. How much do tours to Vietnam cost? Multi-day tours can often be an effecient way to see the highlights of a country or region. By signing up for our email newsletter, you will receive occasional updates with coupons and discounts, plus travel tips and advice from experienced budget travelers!

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To display all of the data, copy and paste the code below to display our travel cost widget. Budget Your Trip. Vietnam Travel Budget. A Review of Hostels and Guesthouses. How much does it cost to travel to Vietnam? Average Daily Cost Per person, per day. One Week Per person. One Month Per person. One Week For a couple. One Month For a couple. Exactly, what I was looking for. Such a nice summary and also all your other posts are wonderful.

And I hope to find a possibility to go to Mai Chau instead of Sapa.

A Guide to Vietnam Prices: How much does a Holiday Cost?

Shame that you have to be even faster than us as I really feel our time was tight. So if you need it could probably be a day trip even, whereas Sapa is a whole overnight 12 hour bus ride.. Hey Charlie, Loving your articles and budget breakdowns on Vietnam.

Any information would be much appreciated. Many thanks! Great info beautifully presented. If you can cut back on taxis you can reduce your transportation costs. Sometimes we would take a bus for 3 hours, then get off and take a taxi to our hotel for 10 minutes, and the two rides would cost the same. Hey Ryan, great tip! We took the bus and then were always able to walk : Will check out your cost breakdown too! Can you reccomend the company you did the halong bay cruise with? Hi Clare — a couple of people asked me this question and I replied with details in the above comments.

Hi thanks for this post! How much do you reckon one person would spend in USD for three weeks in Vietnam, including everything? Hi Deniz. This budget breakdown is for 2 people who spent 3 weeks in Vietnam, travelling on a tight budget. Somebody told me that Indonesia where I live is quite expensive country compering with Thailand, Vietnam…but I found out that in Vietnam prices almost the same like in Indonesia.

Similar amount I spend traveling in Lombok island Indonesia for 3 weeks:. We are the budget conscious type too! Kind regards. Hey Natalie, Wow, exciting! Sure, we stayed in the Thu Giang Guesthouse. There are two buildings, about a 10min walk from each other. One half is where the wife and daughter run, and the husband runs the other half. Do let me know if you have any other questions! It was interesting to read you blog especially because of the prices. It would have been more helpful if you had the prices mentioned in local currency, as you have done it for some.

I am travelling to Vietnam for 24 days between November and December, this is probably the most useful guide I have read so far. Thank you. Thanks, Daniel! Your comment is much appreciated.


I hope that you have an awesome time in Vietnam : Let me know how you like it! Enjoyed reading your post. My wife and our two girls 6,8 are heading off traveling for 8 months or so. Heading to Thailand for a month or so then maybe Vietnam. Any tips or ideas you can suggest for us traveling in Vietnam?

This was very useful in planning before heading back, one of the more accurate ones too. Me and my partner ended up compiling all of our expenditures whilst there and found it to be close to what you outlined. Of course, the pound was a lot stronger when you published this so that would be the main difference! Glad it was useful, Jake!

Backpacking Vietnam Travel Guide for 12222

Definitely true about the date and strength of the pound — there will always be some discrepancies based on that! How was your trip to Vietnam? Hi Tim. So great to hear that you loved the country! Where in Vietnam was your wife born? Hope that you have a really awesome adventure in January and February. It came as a bit surprise to me — a Vietnamese girl to see how a backpacker does some budgeting to their travel in Vietnam. I myself really enjoy these places in Vietnam. For bus travelling, I recommend using vexere.

A fairly old post, but useful and interesting. We are leaving for Vietnam in June, and hope to be able to provide useful info from the perspective of older backpackers. We are doing South to North, for months. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you for posting all those details!

Vietnam Hotels and Places to Stay

This absolutely helped me out to organize the plan to Vietnam :! Can I ask, did you have to buy bottled water throughout the trip? Hi Jane.

How Cheap Is Vietnam and How Much Does It Cost To Travel In Vietnam?

Hi there. Our two kids have been backpacking in Vietnam and from the photographs they were sending home, we were truly envious. We have now decided to go ourselves but can afford a better class of hostel than they stayed at. We want the flexibility of staying somewhere for a couple of days and moving on but probably will just have a couple of weeks at the most to travel around. Is there a particular area that we parents should visit as a must in Vietnam.

We would be travelling end of Jan Thanks for help. I love following Charlie. However, what always amazes me is when travelers conveniently leave out the biggest expense of all, ie, flights and getting there. Those who count the actual cost are not as popular. To hear that which they like, rather than that which is reality. When you get older, you tend to become more of realist and actually calculate what these travels really cost. That way, no surprises. Everyone is travels to and from different places when they visit a country, so adding in these figures would skew the costs and give an inaccurate representation of the cost of travel within a particular country.