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Sound too good to be true?

Whether you acknowledge it or not, your life is precious. No one knows just how much time they have before it runs out. Yet we never take the time to be clear on what matters most to us -- those few but vital must-haves for your life.

You get the idea. You can see your values more clearly by exploring these questions:. You might be putting in crazy long hours at the office. All are telltale signs that your work and life are far from aligned. Two questions to help you assess how well your current work situation is aligned with your life are:. Making the changes necessary to align your work with your life is not a quick fix process, but you can see progress quickly.

Why balance is key to our existence

Ideally, the pursuit of kama and artha should never contravene these ideals of dharma and as long as this principle is maintained then kama and artha are regarded as legitimate goals to pursue. There will inevitably be conflicts between kama and artha on the one hand and dharma on the other. As far as possible we should try to give priority to dharma , but until the state of absolute enlightenment is achieved this will not be possible at all times. There is no point in feeling excessive guilt over any preference for kama and artha , but we should recognise that as far as possible we should try to move a little further towards dharma.

Artha is particularly significant as it can be used to facilitate both kama and dharma.

See a Problem?

Those who are wealthy can seek to enjoy pleasure through the acquisition of the manifold goods made available in modern societies. There is nothing wrong in this as long as there is a similar commitment to acts of dharma in the form of charity and helping those who are poor, exploited and downtrodden.

Deleting Your Memories Will Make You Happier

Again the key word is balance; finding that balance and then trying to move ever closer to dharma and away from kama. The most compelling definition of dharma is found in the Mahabharata , which asserts that dharma is based on the principles of never harming others and compassion for all beings. On the other hand, you may find that you spend so much time being self reflective that you sometimes miss out on the experience of living. Other people may be fairly balanced between the two but might want to balance out some specific elements within each category; so I created this little outline to help us better understand the beneficial components on both ends of each spectrum.

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As you can see, both ends of each spectrum are actually positive; but if either side is taken to an extreme, something that is intended to be positive can end up being detrimental. If you feel pulled in any one direction and uneasy about it, these steps may help you get your life aligned:. Make a list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that you will need to do to achieve each of these goals. What have you tried in the past? Did it work? If not, what can you do differently?

65 Balance Quotes about Life For More Peace of Mind

How did you stay focused toward this goal? How did you handle your fears, doubts, anxieties, worries, and negative self-talk? How does it feel to know that you accomplished the goal in spite of these parts of yourself? Can you specify the things you will say to yourself to push you off track? What do you need to remember in those times?


What are things you can say to that self-sabotaging part of yourself? Be kind to yourself.

Is there a person or a tactic you can use to keep yourself supported, motivated, and focused in those hard times? I highly recommend connecting and sharing your inner process with someone. Find someone who can help you challenge your inner demons, and celebrate your little accomplishments. Just like accomplishing any goal in life, it takes time and effort to overcome your habitual patterns and create new ones.