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Another way to win is to add up numbers to beat a set number.

Your ticket will explain how the game is played. You can also ask the retailer for assistance or call Lottery Customer Service at Enter non-winning Scratchers into the My Rewards player loyalty program for a chance to win cash prizes. Click here for info and entry.

The latest news from around the East Bay

Odds vary by game and prize level. Overall game odds are also printed on the back of the ticket. Unsigned tickets can be redeemed by anyone. We recommend that you sign the back of your ticket and claim your prize quickly. The New Mexico Lottery is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. This website cannot be viewed properly using this version of Internet Explorer. View Navigation Close Navigation.

Scratcher (instrument) - Wikipedia

Overview How to Play Mega Millions. Overview How to Play Lotto America. Overview How to Play Roadrunner Cash. Overview How to Play Pick 3. Overview How to Play Pick 4. Overview About Fast Play!

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Drawing Results. A tattoo artist who scratches up your skin rather than applying a clean smooth looking tattoo 3.

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A person who is sexually active. A lazy person who does not have a clue.

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Refering to the fact that they are that dumb and lazy that they just stand there scratching their heads 5. Normally refered to a bitchy girl who might scratch in a fight. See ya all later I'm off to ma scratcher 2. That doughball in the tatoo shop is a right scratcher 3. See that wee cow I went home with last night i think she's a right wee scratcher 4. That Stephen never got that wall built today!

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Watch out for that Angie she's a right scatcher. An instant lottery ticket , sold everywhere. It was a good night for Tom, 27 bucks in tips.

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Also known as the Dole. Primarily Irish, but may have international usage. I got laid off last week, so I just signed on to the scratcher. An inexperienced, untalented, unclean and untrained tattooer. Though usually found working out of home kitchens, they have been known to find work in disreputable tattoo shops. The word " Scratcher " comes from the look of the, so called "tattoos", they produce.

scratcher 1.2.1

Looking more like colored scratchs, than recognizable images. I'll hook you up in my trailer for a case'a'bud" Phrase frequently used by scratchers. A person with a more than plentiful amount of money whom refuses to spend it or donate it and pleads poverty.

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