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This is the 6th and final pattern to be released for The Handmade Sock Society. The very luckiest gardeners can count on a little friend to appear every time a bit of earth is turned over. Cheeky, confident, and full of companionable chat, the darling European Robin is a beloved visitor to many gardens all year round. Hopping from washing line to watering can and back again, poking through the borders for extra bugs or bits of cheese just in case you might have dropped some there this busy little bird brings a lot of life and joy everywhere he goes.

Inspired by the friendship and energy of our favourite feathered companion, this fun-to-knit pattern shares the same stitch pattern as the Red Robin Shawl, a Curious Handmade favourite! Contrasting cuffs, heels and toes add some extra fun and an opportunity to use a bit of stash. These socks are knit from the top down and are finished with a heel flap and gusset, with a rounded toe, but you can easily substitute and adapt this pattern to get a perfect personalised fit.

Red Robin Socks by Helen Stewart. Viewing as a guest user.

Red Robin Socks

What am I missing? Published in The Handmade Sock Society. Curious Handmade. Craft Knitting. Published December If you want to hear more about my pitch let me know! However, this is the first Tim-only story I read, and I actually dug it! So Tim is lost. His parents are dead, Dick took on Damien as the next Robin, and he is the on I've been talking to people, letting them know if my comic ever got going and I was approached by DC to take on a character it would be Tim. His parents are dead, Dick took on Damien as the next Robin, and he is the only person to believe Bruce is still alive.

So he goes on a search to find him.

Red Robin, Vol. 1: The Grail

On the way he's approached by Assassin's hired by none other than Ra. Whom also believes Bruce to be alive and tells Red Robin to join him so they can find him together. It's really interesting to see Tim's inner turmoil. I feel for the guy. He won't give up on Bruce because Bruce wouldn't give up on him, and that's something special.

I also enjoy the main storyline and a few twist here and there keep it fresh. If you want a pretty darn good Red Robin story this is the one to grab. Reading volume 2 very soon. View 2 comments.

Red Robin in Northridge, CA | Northridge Fashion Center

Jun 06, Donovan rated it really liked it Shelves: owned. This begins with a Spanish politician's daughter being kidnapped and held for ransom. Red Robin, Tim Drake, takes down armed guards and an incendiary cyborg in order to save her. Red Robin seems skillful but cold and objective, almost stoic. And I'm wondering if I'm going to like this But then comes the flashback vital to character building, to instilling sympathy in the reader. And I feel for Tim, I really do. Dick takes over a This begins with a Spanish politician's daughter being kidnapped and held for ransom.

See a Problem?

Dick takes over as Batman and Damian as Robin, leaving Tim in an awkward place. Dick says he needs Tim but not as Robin, while Damian, like a little shit, is horribly smug toward Tim. Tim naturally is angry, sad, and most of all lost.

So he leaves Gotham to in his opinion find Bruce who he thinks is still alive. But meanwhile he's fighting crime on his own around the world to in my opinion grieve and find existential catharsis, making him maybe one of the most contemplative men of the Bats family yet. I loved everything about this. The artwork is sharp and rich. The characterization and dialog are excellent.

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Tim is complex, far beyond a punch drunk sidekick. And there's real mystery here. He's mixed up with the League of Assassins and the Council of Spiders while piecing together Bruce's whereabouts, and he's got evidence that's he's still alive.

How this series ever went out of print, I do not know. View all 12 comments. Feb 24, Sam Quixote rated it liked it. Here Tim acts exactly his age being melodramatic and hot-headed, making mistakes, and nearly dying for them. Decent script, decent art, but a book that fails to show Red Robin as a superhero worth reading — yet.

Nov 14, Kenny rated it really liked it Shelves: batman , dc , graphic-novels-comics , dick-grayson.

Red Army Robin

Your mother is dead, your father is dead. Tim Drake became Tim Wayne. But now, Bruce Wayne is gone. Everyone believes him dead.

But you know better. Bruce Wayne is alive. You know it in your heart of hearts … but no one believes you. Thus, the first volume of Red Robin begins. Dick Grayson became Batman, and Damian became Robin. That left the former Robin, Tim Drake, without a hero identity. On the original Robin title, writers like Chuck Dixon and Fabian Nicieza spent years transforming Tim Drake from a teenage hero to a mature, credible detective. As Tim makes this heart-wrenching transition in his life, he has a few heart-to-heart talks with Wonder Girl, The Spoiler, and even comes to blows with Dick Grayson and Damian.

But he believes it with such passion and intensity that he ostracizes himself from the people he cares about, and that conflict and frustration come off really well. This book has a really nice feel to it. The Grail is a good read.

Aug 06, Jedhua marked it as gave-up-on Shelves: hell-of-a-ride , unrealized-potential. My Brief Bookshelf Overview : gave-up-before-finishing, hell-of-a-ride, unrealized-potential Additional Notes : This collection contains Red Robin issues Tries and mostly fails to be serious, though not altogether a waste of time. Sep 08, gingey reads rated it liked it Shelves: own , comics , dc. I think I just don't have enough context to properly appreciate this?

This just wasn't enough, the story is short and it only moves a little bit from what is going to be the big picture. The Return of Bruce Wayne.