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  1. Prehistoric Times / Nagano Prefectural Government
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  3. Introduction to Ancient History and Pre – Historic Period

Homo sapiens. Earlier apes. Gorilla split. Possibly bipedal. Chimpanzee split. Earliest bipedal. Stone tools. Exit from Africa. Earliest fire use. Earliest cooking. Earliest clothes. See also: Life timeline , and Nature timeline. Further information: Timeline of human evolution , Timeline of the Stone Age , and Timeline of human prehistory.

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Prehistoric Times / Nagano Prefectural Government

Pg Edited by Pedro Paulo A. Funari, Martin Hall, Sian Jones. By Walter E. By William A. Haviland, Harald E.

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By Milford H. Current Anthropology. Radio National.

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Lukes , M.

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Introduction to Ancient History and Pre – Historic Period

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