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  1. Peer Pressure for Teens and Young Adults
  2. Challenges of peer pressure for youth
  3. The Role of Peer Pressure in Teenage Drinking
  4. Peer Pressure: Its Influence on Teens and Decision Making | Scholastic: Nida

Positive effects of peer pressure include:. As your child starts moving away from the parent-child relationship and seeking their own independence and identity, their peers will become more important to them. Peer pressure and teenagers.

Peer Pressure for Teens and Young Adults

Help me understand Things to try How peer pressure works A young person can experience peer pressure in varying degrees. How does peer pressure affect teenagers?

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Positive effects of peer pressure include: a sense of belonging and support increased self-confidence introduction to positive hobbies and interests reinforcement of positive habits and attitudes. Negative effects of peer pressure include: pressure to use alcohol, cigarettes or drugs pressure to engage in risk taking behaviours distraction from schoolwork distance between family and existing friends drastic changes in behaviour and attitudes. Some forms of peer pressure are unspoken. For example, you may begin visiting Starbucks every morning because that is what the "cool" kids do.

It also includes the way you dress and even how you talk. Other variations can be dangerous. Trying drugs or speeding on a curvy back road can cause you your life. Most teenagers survive their teen years unscarred. However, there are two main dangers peer pressure can cause.

Challenges of peer pressure for youth

Pressure to conform is felt from friends, enemies, acquaintances and even from you. Anytime you do something to fit in or to prove you are different, you are falling into a pattern. Teenagers want to be like other teens. Styles change every year and to be considered "cool" you need to have the latest in fashion trends.

Teens may wear clothes they do not feel comfortable in because their friends are wearing the same types of clothes.

The Role of Peer Pressure in Teenage Drinking

It is easy to pick up the same attitude as your friends. If they no longer care about their grades, you may suddenly stop caring.

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  8. Often students skip class to follow the leader, not because they think it is a great idea. If you notice your attitude changing and do not like it, you may consider changing your friends. If your friends are involved in a certain sport or club , chances are you want to be too.

    Wanting to be where they are is understandable. They may have said something to you at one time to dissuade you from joining the club you originally wanted to, or teased you for not wanting to hang out with them.

    Peer Pressure: Its Influence on Teens and Decision Making | Scholastic: Nida

    The pressure to date the right person is real. Status in high school is often linked with who is hanging on your arm. At the same time, you may feel pressured to have sex with that person either by your friends or your date in order to fit in and be liked.

    Studies show that "not everyone is doing it. If you find yourself being mean to someone you used to be friends with, chances are you are responding to the influence of your friends. Just like dating, whom you hang out with is a status symbol.

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    If your new friends treat others badly, unfortunately you may feel it is better to taunt and tease rather than be the student who is harassed.