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Email: Austin-toymakers-subscribe yahoogroups.

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It hosts socials on the 2nd Saturday of every month. They welcome anyone who would like to try their hand at drawing. And they're always seeking volunteer models! MAsT: Austin. The Austin chapter of Masters And slaves Together. Persons of any gender and sexual orientation are welcome. TNG is a safe venue for newcomers and experienced from the age of 18 to 35 to come and learn about the BDSM community with others within the same age group.

This group is moderated in order to preserve the TNG nature of the list.

Sensory Deprivation Tutorial - Real 50 Shades (How to) #9

Group members should be between the ages of but older newcomers to the BDSM community will be allowed to join. This is meant to be a safe place for education and learning with people in your age group sharing a common interest. Members should have a legitimate Egroup profile accessable to moderators indicating your age. If you violate the rules for this group, you will be removed and banned. Voyagers is an Austin area group that is welcoming to all, regardless of age or orientation, and is especially welcoming to those who are new to the kink lifestyle, and who would like to explore the issues and questions that we ask when we are first trying to understand these strange urges and stranger folks.

We are called Voyagers because of our history we began with TNG and because we are the ones who are exploring, searching, wondering.


It's always nice to have friends along on voyages of discovery. Anyone is welcome to attend functions -- couples and singles -- but the majority of the group tends to consists of couples. Anyone professing a philosophy of servitude to the Woman is welcome. Membership is gained by meeting with members locally or a phone call for those living further away. And though our emphasis will always be on safe, sane and consensual play, our blinding ambition is to just have a hell of a lot of fun! Email fisthouston hotmail. For information email webmaster hpep.

Not only are all orientations accepted, they are wanted and sought out. Email: BartonofLC aol. Members do not follow traditional leather protocol, but respect leather traditions. It is a chance for members to form friendships and relationships with like-minded people and to create a support group for singles in a lifestyle that can make them feel excluded. Meetings will be held at area cafes, bookstores, libraries and members homes. Also planned: outings to clubs, local and cultural events.

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Despite condition of the web site the group is extant although the number of attendees was small when I last visited in May Whips and Chains Motorcycle Club is a "non-affiliated" club for BDSM people who own bikes, ride bikes, ride "behind," or even want to drive a car, van, or truck as part of the support group. They have rides on every 2nd and 4th Sundays: either a dinner run to a specific location, or just a ride with a general route planned out. It features information on Bottom's Up the spanking club and other groups.

We are here to have fun! We are pansexual all genders and orientations welcome. All varieties of spanking are the only kink we practice at our parties. Although participants may be interested in other aspects of BDSM, this activity is not a part of our play in group settings. We encourage new people to learn and embrace this lifestyle by teaching and sharing ideas and tips that are important for growth and safety.

At the same time, we offer a safe place to play. On the first Saturday of every month we meet for a pot luck dinner. It is at this dinner that demonstrations and discussions take place about all aspects of BDSM, encouraging learning and sharing.

State and Local Links

These dinners are open to the public and everyone is welcome. The term "leatherboy" is defined as broadly as possible as to include all who identify as a boy, boi, slave, submissive, pup and cub as we share the same heart. As the term "leatherboy" has no age, race, gender, appearance or sexual orientation associated with it.

We are formed to come together in boyhood: to have fun, learn, educate, socialize and contribute to each other and our community. There are activities and demonstrations for all levels of experience. It meets at the Two Four Seven.

No play, no fetish wear, no need to worry if you are new to the scene. As a matter of fact, lots of newcomers will be there Representatives of the local play organizations will be there, too. You can meet them, ask questions and find out about the 'local scene. Leather Knights : Dallas' only leather service club.

AND LACE PART 2 Original (PDF)

Often referred to as a performance art group, our public and private demonstrations consist of temporary and sometimes dangerous deformation of the human form. Though often shocking these shows are in no way designed to promote ourselves as freaks nor as religious zealots. The founder hopes that at some point in the future they will be able to start having munches and hopefully even play parties.

Knowledgable others and their lovers are welcome as well. The group's mailing list is listed as Kinkyaggies but they "have no affiliation with the university!!

Dominatrix Jonathan White outed to 'warn his family'

We attempt to unite people of our proclivity who live or work in this conservative part of the world. This is also the official announcements list for the Jacobin Society, a group of kinky folks who meet on the first Wednesday of each month in College Station. Join the list, and you'll be invited to participate. From Top to Bottom supports safe, sane and consensual activities.

Privacy of members and discretion is expected of all members. TbCC does not discriminate regarding gender or sexual orientation. Potential members must either be invited or apply by means of the Yahoo! To be accepted, they must meet in a public place with at least three members, be recommended by those members, and fill out a short questionaire.

CCEEEDs meetings take place at members homes twice a month, once for a pot luck supper to dicuss club info, and once for a play party.

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  4. The mission statement reads: "This list caters only to those within a mile radius of Corpus Christi so that it will remain very local and private This is a friendly, no-flame list for all walks of life. It does not matter if you are just interested in or are living the BDSM lifestyle People of all sexual orientation are welcome here, provided you are at least honestly curious or active in any realm of BDSM.

    They alternate munches in Tyler and Shreveport.

    Sexis in your inbox

    That, along with the sensual images of his youth, led him to begin in Dallas, Texas in what he expect to be a life-long exploration of BDSM. His immediate leather family now also includes his Boi Lane and Renee. Since moving to Atlanta in the summer of Archer has also been working to expand his leather and toy business, Fantasies In Leather. He provides educational experiences to groups large and small on subjects ranging from Fireplay and Microbondage to Exploring Your Leather Identity and Rites Of Passage.

    His dedication to the community and specifically in lifestyle education always leads him to new experiences. Elegant began her leather journey in Dallas, Texas in and has been an active part of the Atlanta community since moving in She does not like being identified with a single label, as her identity is a blending of her life.