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  2. Texas Paranormal Societies (243 total):
  3. Ghosts Of Galveston May Be Inspiring More Tours Than The City Can Handle | Texas Standard

Some scientists have suggested the lights are the result of glowing gases. What could be spookier than a haunted house than a haunted light house? Several stories surround the dreary black lighthouse at the end of Bolivar Peninsula.

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The creepiest is one that claims the lighthouse, which used to guide ships into the Port of Galveston, is haunted by the spirit of a crazed teen who murdered his own parents. There is no local history to back up the urban legend; it was probably fueled by teenagers who whiled away the small-town Texas boredom by daring each other to go inside. According to legend, a murderous apparition went from room to room at the old Bexar County Hospital, killing patients in order of their room number.

In one particular ward that seemed to be the hotspot, patients kept asking about "the nurse in the old-fashioned uniform. The staff became more suspicious when the patients started dying in room number order. The deaths ended when the next room in the sequence was vacant. Sadly, San Antonio had a very real angel of death in their midst at Bexar County Hospital, in the form of Genene Jones , who was convicted of poisoning somewhere between 11 and 50 infants between and She is currently serving a life sentence at the Dr.

Lane Murray Unit in Gatesville, Texas. Just outside Brownsville sits the abandoned site of an old girls camp. The story told by locals is that the camp was closed after one of the counsellors went insane and murdered several of the girls.

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The legend claims the ghostly sounds of children crying can be heard from the property at night. The theater still stands today and is used for wrestling events and concerts.

Texas Paranormal Societies (243 total):

Just look out for shadowy figures lurking in the corner. In February of , a car full of teenage girls leaving a movie plunged off a burned-out bridge in Arlington.

This real-life tragedy created an urban legend involving a fiery crash between two cars. It's said that if you stand on the bridge at night you'll hear the tormented screams of the teenagers as they died. Accessing the screaming bridge isn't easy, because the roads leading to it have been blocked off for years, and it's only accessible by foot through a nearby park.

A Kiss Before Dying A girl from the wrong side of the tracks, a gun, and a kiss have Odessa High School students spooked over fifty years later.

Ghosts Of Galveston May Be Inspiring More Tours Than The City Can Handle | Texas Standard

No one knows where the glowing orbs came from or why they are here, but that very mystery makes them spectacular. Possessed by the Devil Two mysterious deaths plus one small town in Texas can only mean one thing—satanic cults. Has the devil come to Childress?

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The Work of the Devil In the college town of Matamoros during spring break in , students partied and drug dealers kidnapped people in order to perform the deadly, twisted rituals of black magic. Evil Hopping from train to train, from town to town, a man strikes at night, brutally murdering Texans on the stretch of I from Houston to San Antonio. The Railroad Killer was coming, and the people of Weimar were terrified.

How about the hair-raising tale of the fiddling janitor? Sign up for Texas Monthly's State of Texas newsletter to get stories like this delivered to your inbox daily. We are at the end of a one mile long road that dead ends into a park with a cemetery. By Sam Russek and Danielle Ortiz.

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