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  2. German Scholarships Programme
  3. Mulund teacher wins German scholarship
  4. European, Global and Intercultural Dimension in Curriculum Development

Youth Mobility This program supports initiatives of students who want to work in Germany , and also assists students with work permits and visas.

  1. Learners left for Germany!
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  3. Stone Artifacts of Texas Indians.
  4. National German Exam FAQ – German Program!
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Deadline: January 18, Return to top. University of Waterloo.

23/05/16 11:00 am to 24/05/16 01:30 pm

Log in. OBW offers accepted students a stipend and a free course, among other things. Community Search. Member Accolades. The National German Exam provides an excellent opportunity to highlight student success and promote the German program in your school. Recognizing students at special award ceremonies or school-wide honors programs are wonderful opportunities for positive publicity for German programs. AATG offers several ways to recognize and award students and publicize their achievements.

German Scholarships Programme

Presidential Honor Roll. These Awards are given to students who achieved the highest percentile rankings on the NGE. View the Honor Roll, which includes the student winners' names, teacher names, and schools on the Presidential Honor Roll.

AATG 2013 - ConnectThroughGerman

Study Trip Award. Students attend classes at an academic high school, stay in homestays, and participate in various excursions to places of cultural significance. He chose German because of its culture and his family history - post Civil-War era immigration from Mengelrode, Germany to New Ulm, MN - and wanting to try something different than he has already experienced, but already feels a part of. After graduation from college he hopes to become a Statistician or Data Analyst and use his German skills in the international job market.

Nadiem Makarim Promises to Liberate Indonesia's Education

Alles gut, Herr Vaccaro! German Teachers Frau Rowland and Frau Wilson have been awarded Goethe Institute Scholarships for "Deutsch Lehren Lernen," a nine-week course in the Fall of combining practical knowledge with theoretical learning using self-reflection as well as professional critique.

The course utilizes technology for distance learning as well as an in-person component. Teachers share and critique lesson plans and practical presentation to keep fresh and keep learning.

Mulund teacher wins German scholarship

It involved three days of practical application of information learned during the online phase of the course. The goal of the seminar was to learn more about the ways in which students learn. Frau Wilson and Frau Rowland have learned many new things that they look forward to sharing with their colleagues at their next SMHS World Languages department meeting. Frau Rowland, German Teacher, sets an example for Sabre students Those weeks involved being immersed in the language by living with a host family, joining a group for Spanish language learners, and attending Spanish language courses three times a week.

European, Global and Intercultural Dimension in Curriculum Development

In addition to seeing Spain, she was also able to visit Lisbon, Portugal. Congratulations, Frau Rowland, for being chosen by the World Affairs Council for this wonderful summer study abroad opportunity.