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  1. 8 Reasons Most Churches Never Break the 200 Attendance Mark
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  4. 8 Reasons Most Churches Never Break the Attendance Mark -

I can honestly say everyone did an amazing job. By the time Lesley and I got home, we were buzzing and it took a good while for us to be able to truly relax.

The journey had only just begun. The day had been a milestone and all glory belongs to God.

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Recent Movies The Social Network. A birthday present from the kids. Great film with a razor sharp script from Aaron Sorkin. I was late to the party with this movie. Highly recommended.

8 Reasons Most Churches Never Break the 200 Attendance Mark

This movie was voted by Dr Kermode as his film of the year As the start time approached, people began to arrive, not only our team, a few well-wishers from other churches and some folks from City Temple Last Minute Preparation but most crucially, people from the village of Wenvoe. Posted at PM Permalink Reblog 0. Street Pastor Ball Cardiff Street Pastors Gala Dinner. Love does not envy….

Week 4 November Love does not boast, it is not proud…. Week 5 November Love does not keep a record of wrongs…. Customers have questions, you have answers.

Guest Ministries

Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits. Spend time and meditate and think about this verse. How can you live it out with intention in your everyday walking around life? Ask God to open the eyes of your heart to see the wonderful truths found in this verse and how you can apply them to your life.

This is my prayer for you. Farmdale Church o f th e Nazarene,. Louisville, KY. The church is not a building Although physical space is not a pre-requisite for carrying out the Great Commission, it can be a powerful ministry tool in advancing the movement of Jesus Christ. What story does your building tell about the kind of church God has called you to be?

Building Church

The stories of church building programs gone awry are plentiful. How do we best exercise good stewardship of both our finances and our property, while at the same time creating space that is relevant, aesthetically pleasing, flexible and truly built for the ages? Learn how strategic master planning and innovative design can help you optimize community impact on your church campus - not just on Sundays - but 7 days a week!

Learn how your church can access a network of Kingdom building partners that are dedicated to the expansion of Christian ministry, including architects, contractors, developers, funding experts, church building supply vendors, pastor consultants and more. Statistics show that every year roughly 3, American pastors are walking away from church ministry never to return and these numbers continue to climb year after year. A large majority of these pastors give the same answer If there is one hope that we have for these seminars, it is that you as a pastor or local church leader will hear this simple message loud and clear - you are not alone!

Whether you are in a season of growth, building and excitement or one of fatigue, loneliness and burn-out, we want to walk beside you and affirm that we serve a God not only of yesterday but a God that is calling you into a brand-new tomorrow that always begins with TODAY! While a capital campaign can be a key element in funding your ministry vision, it should not be the only element.

8 Reasons Most Churches Never Break the Attendance Mark -

Learn how to successfully navigate the lending market and solicit short or long term loans or bonds, raise up for-profit investors within the congregation, and explore the potential of planned giving and crowdfunding. Also, discover what community embedment, Gospel change and facility financial sustainability look like in your context. Learn how to uncover the highest and best use of your property and become better stewards of all that God has given you.

Bring your team and "divide and conquer", or roam between multiple breakouts! Learn about feasibility studies that can help your ministry determine whether a child care facility, event center or some other business model could reduce your existing cost structure and become a true catalyst for ministry growth and Kingdom impact.

Hear about a strategic planning process that is helping church leadership achieve clarity, alignment, momentum and growth.