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Pr 26, Mais il les transcende. Jn 17, 3. Mt 11, Mt 13, Ainsi, nous partagerons un bonheur que le monde ne pourra nous enlever. II, Const. Les classes moyennes du Salut , Paris Novo millennio ineunte 6 janvier , n. Tertio millennio adveniente 10 novembre , n.

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Hans U. Martini, Le confesioni di Pietro , Cinisello Balsamo , p. Evangelii gaudium 24 novembre , n. Dumery], Paris , pp. VI, Decr.

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Grelot- L. Dumas, El Pobre , Buenos Aires , p. Centesimus annus 1 er mai , n. Lc 10, Orientale lumen 2 mai , n. Bernard de Clairvaux, Sermon sur le cantique des cantiques 61, : PL , pp. Cartas y sermones , Buenos Aires , p. Le Seigneur appelle Pour toi aussi Edward Arber, Londres, Mittelhochdeutsche Minnereden , vol. Par exemple dans la chronique de Thuringe de Konrad Stoll mort en , L. Robert Estienne , Dictionarium latinogallicum , Paris, , p. Estienne , Dictionarium latinogallicum , p. Heinrich F. Munich, Nina Hartl.

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  • Fr. Michel-Marie, a Cassock in Deep Marseille.
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    Jahrhunderts , vol. Walter L. Strauss , puis John T. Spike , New York, sqq. Piero Buscaroli, Milan, , p.

    Zanotti-Sorkine, Michel-Marie 1959-

    Michael Schilling, Hildesheim, etc. Rien non plus dans Frederic C. Tubach , Index exemplorum. De Jorio , La mimica , illustrations xiv et xxi.

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    Dans le dialecte napolitain, tabacchejare , consommer du tabac par le nez, signifie aussi dissimuler, ibid, p. Voir aussi Olivier Christin , Les yeux pour le croire. Die visuelle Kultur der Gewalt im Mittelalter , Munich, , p. Darmstadt, , vol. Walluf, , p. Luther, Werke Weimarer Ausgabe , vol.

    It is the first in a series that will present witnesses of the faith, known and less well-known, capable of generating evangelical astonishment in those who meet them. Check it out, a priest, and dressed like once upon a time, on the streets of Marseille. A dark-haired man, smiling, and yet with something reserved and monastic about him.

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    And what a story behind him: he sang in the nightclubs in Paris, was ordained only eight years ago and since then has been pastor here, at Saint-Vincent-de-Paul. But in reality the story is even more complicated: Michel-Marie Zanotti-Sorkine, 53, is descended from a Russian Jewish grandfather who immigrated into France and had his daughters baptized before the war. One of these daughters, who escaped from the Holocaust, brought into the world Fr.

    Michel-Marie, who on his father's side is half Corsican and half Italian. What a bizarre mix, you think: and you look with amazement at his face, trying to understand what a man is like who has such a tangle of roots behind him. But if one Sunday you enter his packed church and listen to how he speaks of Christ with simple everyday words, and if you observe the religious slowness of the elevation of the host, in an absolute silence, you ask yourself who this priest is, and what it is in him that draws people, bringing back those who are far away.

    Finally you have him in front of you, in his white, monastic rectory. He seems younger than his years; he does not have those wrinkles of bitterness which mark the face of a man with time. There is a peace upon him, a joy that is astonishing. But who are you? In front of a frugal meal, the highlights of an entire life. Two splendid parents. The mother, baptized but only formally Catholic, allows her son to go to church. The faith is imparted to him "by an elderly priest, a Salesian in a black cassock, a man of generous and boundless faith.

    At thirteen he loses his mother: "The pain devastated me.

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    And yet I never doubted God. The piano bars of Paris, which may seem little suited to discerning a religious vocation. And yet, while the decision slowly ripens, the spiritual fathers of Michel-Marie tell him to keep to the nightlife of Paris: because there as well a sign is needed.

    Finally the vocation pays off. In , at the age of 40, his childhood wish comes true: a priest, and in a cassock, like that elderly Salesian. Why the cassock?

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    It is intended to be a sign for those who meet me, and above all for those who do not believe. In this way I am recognizable as a priest, always. In this way on the streets I take advantage of every opportunity to make friends. Father, someone asks me, where is the post office? Come on, I'll go with you, I reply, and meanwhile we talk, and I discover that the children of that man are not baptized.

    Bring them to me, I say in the end; and I often baptize them later. I seek in every way to show with my face a good humanity.